Join us at this year’s CT ACP Chapter Meeting for an introduction to the arts of physician wellness

This entry is submitted by Lisa Sanders, MD, FACP, chair of the chapter wellness committee.  RJN

Physician wellness is part of the solution to the problem of burnout. We’ve heard so much about burnout lately. But what, you might ask, is wellness? One of the first papers to promote it described wellness as a “dynamic and ongoing process involving self-awareness and healthy choices resulting in a successful, balanced lifestyle.” In other words, wellness is the result of activities of the mind and body you choose as a counterbalance to the mad dash from patient to patient and computer screen to computer screen that medicine has become in the 21st century.

This year the American College of Physicians is focusing on wellness as one technique to make the practice of medicine better for both physicians and our patients. In support of that initiative, this year we are offering a smorgasbord of activities to promote both physical and mental health. These include classes on Mindfulness and Meditation, on T’ai Chi – a Chinese martial art and system of calisthenics, consisting of sequences of very slow controlled movements – and on Yoga. These are not lectures about the benefits of these practices. These are short hands (and bodies) on introductions to the practice of these ancient and well-studied arts given by local masters. The classes will be structured so that they can be done in normal work clothes so no special equipment is needed.

In addition, we will have massage therapists here that morning to provide another kind of hands-on stress reduction treatment to help you relax and enjoy the rest of your day.

And throughout the conference day we will be exhibiting art works of ACP members who practice the visual arts as part of their own wellness plan. (For more information on that, or to participate, please email me:

So join us on Friday, October 28 at the Aqua Turf Club to catch up on the latest in Medicine and MOC and to practice a little physician wellness.

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