Chapter Member Spotlight: Chris Sankey

Here is another installment in our continuing series highlighting Connecticut Chapter members who have been involved with ACP at the national level. Christopher B. Sankey, MD, FACP is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and academic hospitalist at Yale University. He is the Physician Editor for The Brief Case, a clinical vignette series that appears in ACP Hospitalist.  Dr. Sankey writes:

“One of my greatest clinical interests to date has been the development of clinical vignettes and mentorship of students and residents in this process. In true “friend-of-a-friend” fashion, I discovered that ACP Hospitalist was looking to develop a section in their publication devoted to clinical vignettes. In speaking with Jamie Newman at Mayo, we decided to have me helm this new section, entitled “The Brief Case”. The Brief Case comes out in ACPH every other month, and typically features an “installment” (5-6 cases) from a medical center or hospitalist group (usually an academic center), along with an individually-submitted case (usually a community-based provider). The goal of the Brief Case is to give clinical pearls that are relevant to the practicing inpatient provider.

The Brief Case has been a great success. We have had a tremendous interest from institutions and individuals alike; the volume became so substantial that I enlisted the assistance of recent Yale IM grad and current Montefiore Hospitalist Jamie Galen to be my deputy editor.”

Dr. Sankey will be featured at our Annual Chapter Meeting on October 30; he will be presenting a workshop called “Case Writing for the Busy Clinician: Opportunities and Obstacles.”  This interactive workshop will provide “hands-on” experience. Activities will be aimed at all levels of training and prior experience with case writing. The goals of the workshop are to identify essential elements of a case, overcome common obstacles, identify the appropriate type and venue for submission, and assist attendees in the preparation of an outline of a draft for submission. Dr. Sankey will share his own experience, ranging from how he published his first clinical vignette to his experiences as an editor, in order to guide participants on a relevant, practical path towards a successful case write-up and submission. Pearls will be highlighted to help improve the likelihood of a fruitful submission.

The latest installment of The Brief Case can be seen in the July issue of ACP Hospitalist.

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