A More Welcome MOC Update!

Hello Everyone!  By now, I am sure you have seen the email from Richard Baron, President and CEO of the ABIM, regarding MOC and the changes being implemented.  Also, you should have received a follow-up communication from Steven Weinberger, EVP/CEO of ACP.   This is a remarkable turn of events and evidence of the effectiveness of our ACP leadership in representing the voice of members.

I want to clarify one important point, after reading some responses from members.  MOC has not gone away.  It is being rebooted, so to speak.  Here are the salient points:

1) The ABIM has temporarily suspended three MOC requirements:  Practice Assessment, Patient Voice and Patient Safety;

2) They will be changing the wording of credentials on the website from “Meeting MOC Requirements” to “Participating in MOC” (so it does not imply a requirement for those with unlimited lifetime certificates to remain certified);

3) They are revising (but not eliminating) the secure exam to be more relevant to what internists do daily – this will go into effect with the Fall 2015 exam.

To be clear – MOC still exists.  If you are in the process of recertifying, you still need to accumulate 100 MOC points and take the secure exam.  As it stands now, it appears you can obtain all points by completing medical knowledge modules (and it appears we can also anticipate a wider array of activities that will be accepted for this purpose).  If not due in the next two years, you still have to complete some activity by the end of 2017 to stay current with MOC.  The individual MOC status pages on the ABIM website have not yet been updated, so check in periodically.

Most of your questions regarding these changes can be answered by going to the ABIM MOC FAQ page.

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