MOC, One Year Later

Well, it has been one year since the new MOC requirements went into effect, but there has been no reduction in the surrounding controversy.  ACP continues to represent the concerns of membership in frequent discussions with the ABIM.  One of the positions advocated by ACP regards the wording that describes a diplomate’s MOC status.  The College sought a change from “Meeting MOC Requirements” to “Participating in MOC” (with an indication that this is voluntary for those who had previously obtained time-unlimited certificates).  ABIM has conceded on this point, while they continue to stand firm on the necessity of the secure examination.  The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) apparently has the final say on this wording change.  Stay tuned for email updates from ACP EVP/CEO Steven Weingberger.

Former Board of Regents Chair Chuck Cutler participated in a debate with ABIM President Richard Baron at a meeting of the Philadelphia County Medical Society, which you can view here.

In the meantime, we are committed to helping members who choose to participate in MOC achieve recertification. If you haven’t checked out the ACP MOC Navigator, established by the College to help members find MOC activities that are most suited to their practice, take a look.

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