MedChallenge – The Connecticut Chapter’s Medical Knowledge Competition

For the past 17 years, the Connecticut Chapter has been conducting a Jeopardy-style medical knowledge tournament for internal medicine residents in the state. This is a rousing event, one of the best the chapter has to offer. Throughout most of its existence, it has been held at one of the residency program’s institutions. Since 2011, the final round has been held at the Chapter Annual Meeting, after a preliminary round at another site. It has been great to welcome this excitement to the setting of the annual meeting. Every year, talented women and men amaze us with their ability to recall exact details of routine and obscure medical conditions, and the treatments required, under tremendous pressure. It is one thing to come up with the answer while sitting in the audience, and yet another to do so with buzzer in hand – with everything on the line. This year, the initial round was held at the Frank H. Netter M.D. School of Medicine, on the North Haven Campus of Quinnipiac University. Eight teams battled in three preliminary heats to become one of the four teams that will play in the final round on October 31. In the first match, St. Vincent’s Medical Center advanced by edging out Norwalk Hospital and Waterbury Hospital. In the next match, the University of Connecticut Primary Care Program prevailed over Griffin Hospital, whose second place point total still had them in the running for the fourth advancing spot. In a thrilling third match, University of Connecticut outlasted Saint Mary’s and the Yale Traditional Program, who eclipsed Griffin Hospital to earn the fourth spot in the October 31 final by achieving the highest second place score.

Below is a list of winners from past years:
1998-1999: University of Connecticut*
1999-2000: Hospital of Saint Raphael
2000-2001: University of Connecticut
2001-2002: Hospital of Saint Raphael
2002-2003: Hospital of Saint Raphael
2003-2004: University of Connecticut Primary Care
2004-2005: University of Connecticut
2005-2006: University of Connecticut
2006-2007: University of Connecticut
2007-2008: University of Connecticut
2008-2009: University of Connecticut
2009-2010: University of Connecticut
2010-2011: University of Connecticut
2011-2012: University of Connecticut
2012-2013: University of Connecticut
2013-2014: University of Connecticut

*In 1999, as our inaugural entry into the national ACP Doctor’s Dilemma competition, the University of Connecticut won the competition. For more on the ACP Doctor’s Dilemma, including a list of past winners, click here.

Will this be the year that the University of Connecticut stranglehold is finally broken? Please come to the Annual Meeting to support the four programs that will face off in this year’s MedChallenge: St. Vincent’s Medical Center, University of Connecticut Primary Care, University of Connecticut, and the Yale Traditional Program.  The final starts at 3 p.m.  To see the Annual Meeting agenda, click here.

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