Have you registered for MOC yet?

Starting this month, the ABIM has implemented its revised rules for Maintenance of Certification (MOC). If you haven’t done so yet, log in to the ABIM website to find out how to proceed to obtain the designation “Meeting MOC Requirements”. You will be introduced to a new page, called myMOCStatus. You will be given a list of requirements and deadlines. In general, you must complete one activity every two years, and there is a need to earn 100 MOC points every 5 years, with at least 20 points in medical knowledge and at least 20 points in practice assessment. In addition, you will need to fulfill a patient safety and a patient survey requirement. The points earned every two years count toward the five-year total. The points earned every two years will count toward your five-year requirement, and also count toward the milestones for the certifications you are maintaining. The requirement to pass an exam every 10 years still exists as well.

If you were already enrolled prior to January 1, you remain enrolled and you will not incur additional fees until your current enrollment period expires.

We will continue to offer the opportunity to participate in courses where you can complete a medical knowledge module at our annual chapter meeting – and stay tuned for more to come!

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