MOC Update, High Value Care

Dear Members, I wanted to update you about a few things:

First, I wanted to remind you about changes to the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process.  If your certificate expires this year, you have hopefully enrolled in MOC and are well on your way to completing the necessary modules.  If not, you must enroll before August 1 in order to be eligible to register for the October exam.   Starting in 2014, the new MOC process goes into effect, and you must enroll again between January and March, 2014 to be meeting the new requirements.  For those whose certificates expire after 2013, you must also activate between January and March, even if you are already enrolled.  Starting in 2014, the ABIM will report two credentials – whether or not you are Board Certified, and whether or not you are Meeting MOC Requirements.  There will be a need to earn MOC points every two years.  Even Lifetime Certificate holders must participate to receive the second designation.  For more information, click here.    By the way, you can earn MOC points at our Chapter Meeting in November, when we present 2013 Update in Internal Medicine, an ABIM SEP Module. 

Second, the High Value Care movement got another boost recently when the AMA and Joint Commission released their report from the National Summit on Overuse.  Germane to our practice are strategies to reduce antibiotic overuse for URI’s, reducing unnecessary blood transfusions and decreasing the number of elective PCIs that are not indicated.  To view the report, go here; visit the ACP High Value Care site to learn more. 

ICYMI:  Here is an interesting article from the NYT entitled “Healing the Overwhelmed Physician”, in which Jerry Avorn talk about how we can cope with the vast amounts of information about medical treatment that physicians must process. 

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